Raffles Town Club Redeveloping into homes after lease expires in 2026

Raffles Town Club site to be redeveloped into homes after lease expires in Oct 2026: SLA, URA

The Raffles Town Club site is scheduled for redevelopment into homes after its lease expires on October 17, 2026, according to the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). The club, currently situated near Stevens MRT station, will need to vacate its premises to make way for future residential development. This decision aligns with the government’s emphasis on repurposing brownfield sites to meet the growing demand for land, particularly in the housing sector.

The 12,317.8 sq m site, equivalent to nearly two football fields, is set for redevelopment to enhance the residential character of the precinct. The authorities anticipate that future residents will benefit from the site’s proximity to transport infrastructure and connectivity to the city and other parts of Singapore.

Raffles Town Club has been granted permission to continue operating at the current site until its lease expires in October 2026. Subsequently, the club is required to return the land to the state. If the club wishes to continue its operations, it has the option to move to other available state properties. SLA and URA have committed to engaging with Raffles Town Club on the availability of suitable state properties through open tender, or the club can explore alternatives from the open market.

As for the specific use of the site, whether for private or public housing, URA has not provided detailed information. The decision follows the government’s trend of redeveloping brownfield sites and underscores the importance of efficient land use in urban planning.

Raffles Town Club, inaugurated in March 2000, has approximately 14,000 active members. The management has been notified of the decision, and while the club did not disclose relocation plans, it reassured members that services would continue until the lease expiry date.

Property experts anticipate potential development into a luxury project with 160 to 190 units, considering the site’s location in a private housing enclave. Club members express regret over the redevelopment, highlighting the significant role the club has played in their lives and the community.

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